Plattform für Kommunikation,
Verkaufsförderung und
Warenpräsentation am Point of Sale

What’s display?

display was established in 1993 as a magazine. It aims exclusively at trends in the area of point-of-sale (POS), strategies of sales promotion and brand communication at the POS and other distriburion channels. Until 1993 there was no platform which provided information about the benefits of the sales promotion an product presentation industry. Basically, at these times such an industry was unknown. With the first release of display – the magazine for communication and sales promotion at the POS – formed an understanding beeing a different industry instead of beeing an appendage of printing, packaging and various other related disciplines.

display appears every two month with a circulation of 12,500 copies. Telling the big stories, showing the trends in sales promotion and related applications and finding valuable case studies for professionals in the industry. Around 60 percent of the readers are from brand companies, nearly 20 percent from the retail business. Each one of them is interested in selling more, maybe with the of the best promotion tools ever: the promotion display. Another industry building event established by display was the introduction of the display Superstar contest. Held since 1994, it is the most known and famous industry award in the german sales promotion community. Every year nearly one hundred „displays“ compete being named the best sales promotion tool of its class.

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